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Default Re: GBA save converter?

> cool how that dolt both doesn't help AND spams. great job
> mister pennies per click.

Hm, I see that you have a link to Alex Chiu's stupid immortality rings thing as your sig... <img src=smilies/laff.gif>

And what are you talking about with the save being byteswapped or some such thing? I'll take a save from my GBA cart (the actual game), to the same game playing in an emulator, back to the cart, then to a flash cart containing the same game as the official GBA cart I have with no problems whatsoever....

They are interchangable if the game is the same, why the hell would an emulator or a flashcart byteswap the save? That'd require it to hack the game somehow as then the original game would not understand it (I suppose an emulator could handle this automagically somehow, but a flash cart probably couldn't).

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