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Default Re: DTE in Thingy32/tablefiles...

> Use something that isn't so outdated as Thingy32.
> Bongo`'s WindHex and Januschan's Translhextion are good
> choices. Each has its own advantages, but for the stuff you
> want to do, I recommend WindHex.

Old habits are hard to break I guess. Though it doesn't search quite as fast as Thingy, Windhex seems better from every other aspect.

Though I'm still getting the same problem (almost).

But in Windhex, 0C07 displays like "#Yes". <img src=smilies/werd.gif>

PS. Btw, why isn't Windhex on Zophars? ST seems to be down along with, so I had to download it from some spanish site...
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