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Default Re: "Drug" Poll

> How often do you use illegal drugs?

I never have nor ever will (completely useless).

*Bonus question: How often do you use any kind of drugs?*

Hardly ever, I used to refuse taking even your most harmless headache tablets (Paracetamol, 500mg), until one day I had a terrible headache a few years back and my mother convinced me after much arguing how harmless those tablets are.
After I started drinking *much* more water about a year or two ago I think I can count on one hand how many headaches I've had in total since then, though. None of which lasted more than a few hours at most and\or weren't removable with a few glasses of water and a quick jog.

> How often do you use medical drug for fun (over the counter
> stuff)?

I never have nor ever will (completely useless).

> How often do you use alcohol?

Never, I've tasted beer once, thought it tasted like manufactured horse-urine. As for future speculation, I've said before that I'll probably end up drinking wine to a fancy dinner now and then, as it's good for your heart in moderation.
As of right now though, nada.

> How often do you smoke?

I never have nor ever will (completely useless).

> How often do you use caffeine?

I used to drink a lot of soft drinks, but I quit completely over a year ago (I seriously don't understand people who can't quit doing something, it utterly boggles my mind). Now, I think I drink a cup maybe once a month or every three weeks when I grab a Burgerking or McDonalds (I've also made it a habit that I don't finish it).
Aside from that, I have never liked coffee nor ever thought I require an artificial boost at the start of the day, I usualy just splash some cold water in the face.

What are other caffeinated sources? I'm pretty sure I hardly ever get much caffein into my system.

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