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Default Re: Genesis Pointers

Listen to D-boy.

And like I said, Sonic hacking has gotten pretty far. If anyone knows it'd be them. There are a number of sites... (currently down)

Since so darn much is known about sonic games (especially sonic 2) I recommend you learn on that. There are great documentaions, even dissasemblies of those genesis sonic games.

As for the GBA, everything's little endian. so 124E looks like 4E12 in the ROM. It looks better when it's loaded, but then the ROM starts at 0x08000000, so to my understanding, that number is added to the real addy for a pointer..<img src=smilies/banghead.gif>

With the 32X, it's in big endian, the two hitatchi processers each start at different locations, master/slave. So where the data is loaded to depends on the data. Logically, adding 880000 would work, but for Knuckles Chaotix all the pointers I've found are big endian with 700000 added to them.<img src=smilies/banghead.gif>

Why can't everything be as easy as the NES? or at least the Genisis...

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