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Default Re: I don't have to add any subjective conjecture

Yeah, it's a damned mess and they pulled some Machiavellian shit (I also think they had to have a pretext to attack Iraq -- "we want their oil" just wouldn't do), but the establishment is so established and entrenched that nothing short of anarchy and revolution (hopefully not soon) will change anything.

But I'll tell you something ... I don't blame the Bush administration as much as I used to. We're so comfortable here in America sometimes that we've forgotten that morality is a luxury and, out there in nature, it's kill-or-be-killed-may-the-biggest-dick-win. I'm sure there are a lot of self-interested oil contracts, dirty money and greed involved, whatever, but the fact is, we need that energy and if we don't control it, someone else will use it to hold us hostage. That's it. It's either take it or lose it to someone with less scruples like Russia or China. Personally, all I can do is give the world my best wishes and hope we discover free, clean energy soon.

Europe is complacent, appeasing and getting infiltrated and run over by Islamic fascists (scary fuckers) who want to throw rugs over womens heads, lash you for not pointing your ass west five times a day, and riot and burn down buildings if you draw a smiley face and write Muhammed under it. A clash of civilizations is coming between our western, democratic traditions and Islamofascism/Sharia and the US is the only banhammer standing in defense of freedom.

So, yeah, it's tempting to be saints and hope Islamic extremists stop blowing shit up and give us decent oil prices, but -- I don't think they will. I think they'll see America as weak and screw us for all we're worth just like they're doing to France and Europe. That's why we're over there blowing shit up on some flimsy pretext -- control oil and preemptive strike against Islamofascism. Will it work? I don't know; maybe we've messed up too badly -- but I think the threats the Republicans mention are definitely real.
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