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Talking Quite the question, that....

Actually, although I tested some of the NES-style techniques for pointers, I ended up finding the Genesis key ("don't mess with it, just look for it" advice) on a forum in a quick search. So no extra points there (except perhaps for search-fu).

As to goals... well, after I finally got all this power in my hands, I totally blanked on what to do with it. I was thinking of doing an English-only hack of some sort before moving in to the translations I was thinking of (since Spanish, Esperanto, and Norwegian all require me to craft new letters, thus spending more time figuring out how to use those extra spaces). Whether I actually complete any hack... who knows?

I think it'd be cool to see someone else take up this project thanks to the info I provide. I don't think this game has gotten the press it ought to have gotten (possibly because of the name trouble, possibly because the translation to English is a bit flawed... who knows). It's got fun mechanics as far as combat.

Anyhoo... yeah, the basic idea was to figure out how to hack. I lucked out to get an easy game and competent and willing help right off the bat. I think the knowledge I gleaned from this little journey will help me program in the future, but as yet I'm not sure how.

If I end up continuing to hack ROMs (which seems likely), I'll be moving toward some translations of Dragon Warriors III and IV and Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (NES version), and perhaps some other games that I think get a little overlooked in the retro-gaming world.

Anyway, yeah, have a great weekend and thank you greatly for the help! I'll try to remember to come back and tell you how far I get
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