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Originally Posted by shawn View Post
No I don't think the police are even close to that normally. The police in my town are really nice and helpful like you'ld expect. It's just seems since cops the tv show and 9/11 that these asshole balls to the wall totally anal nazi cops have been showing up more and more. Maybe it's just because the internet doesn't let them hide stuff that's been going on forever but it still bothers the shit out of me.
If that guy had died I'm wondering since he's a cop if he'ld face jail time like a normal person would by impeding emergency services. Hell I'ld be suprised from what I've seen lately if he'ld even be fired.

Be glad you don't live here in Florida- or ride a bike here, for that matter. The minute the cops see somebody 30+ on a bicycle they immediately target you as homeless....which means you're subject to all sorts of wonderful attitude.
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