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Default Fucked up police thinking

Ever since 911 it seems like the police from not just the US but other supposedly free nations "US, Canada, England" have been acting fucked up and it's getting worse. In the past couple weeks I've read about people getting arrested for video taping, photographing, not holding handrails, swearing, and sometimes the police are ignoring something far more important just because they don't want to hear it. It's almost like these guys have been brain washed/hypnotized to such an extent that common sense and sense of proportion as in minor crime or just non social behavior but lawful are treated as persons committing major felonies. There are parts of England where citizens and children as young as 7 hired as spies on their own communities "remember nazi germany"

This vid is of a girl calling 911 and gets hung up on 3 times in a row, yes hung up on by 911 3 times and all for using the f word then arrested later for it and during this time her father is having a heart attack. This is just one example of this behavior and if I took and hour I could list close to a hundred from just the past month that have been posted online. This one just pissed me off since the guy in it is a 20 yr police veteran and not a rookie and has NO excuse whatsoever.
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