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Default Re: GSF wont play in winamp

There is no error. Only when I use waveOut plugin, do I get format unsupported. With the DirectSound output, if I have a gsf in the playlist, it shows the song name and length, but when I double click the song, it just sits there, it doesnt play or give me an error. It's very bizzare. Is there a way to convert the gsf format to something else? If I try and use waveout plugin, or lame to mp3 through winamp, it just doesnt play the file or extract it. This is the only format out of a huge list that does this, and I've reinstalled winamp like 20 times, and re done plugins one at a time, but even with just gsf plugin, it still doesnt work. So if anyone has a fix, or a way to convert these to another filetype without using winamp, I would greatly appreciate it! <img src=smilies/banghead.gif>
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