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Default DW4 Control and Difficulty Mod

Ok, here's the deal, I'm working on a mod to make Dragon Warrior 4 harder. I also want to give full party control to the player.

Here's what I can do so far:

-Change any enemy stats
-Give an enemy any ability (If I can first find another enemy with the same ability)
-Make an enemy drop more gold/exp
-Give control of the party to the player *However you can no longer swap characters out of the wagon* (All I did here was change the same byte in the rom that the Game Genie changes )

My Goal:

I want to make the whole game harder, but for now I've thought most about making chapter 5 harder. I want to concentrate on bosses first, namely Necrosaro, Esturk and the 4 Guardians in the dark world. I will also boost some regular enemies that should be stronger ,so that when you run into them you have a real chance of dying ie: MasterMalice and OgreBasher, (Think of how hard Kragacles from DW3 or double Behemoths/RedDragons from FF4 were). After that I'll concentrate on the other bosses and some of the normal enemies of chapter 5 and then maybe the first 4 chapters. Oh, and I also want to be able to wagon swap characters while still being able to control them.

What I want from you guys:


If any of you are big fans of Dragon Warrior 4 or just the dragon warrior series in general I'd like to know who you think should be made stronger and how. Ie: You'd like to see a metal babble with 7hp instead of 5 and leave 2x the exp etc.. or have a certain monster have a different/additional spell or ability and have more turns ( I can give up to 3 attacks per round to a monster)

Eventually I might need some testers but that won't be for a while

Let me know if this interests you so I can give updates etc...
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