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Default Kind of a tangent....

> Yeah, I like the color curve a lot myself. Check out the
> curve with true TV-like scanlines:

I dislike the black-line-every-other-line method of emulating TV scanlines -- mainly because it looks absolutly nothing at all like how a TV looks (yet strangely... people seem to think it does... *shrug*) Though that screen is significantly better than most (you seem to be doing some interpolation aside from just inserting black scanlines?)

There actually has been some work on the nesdev scene to produce an actual TV-esque image. I don't mean the tradtional crap scanline method -- I mean simulating genuine NTSC rastering techniques.

The image here is a good example of Blaster Master in an emu with such a feature

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I don't know of anything that's gotten closer to a true TV image.

The thread in question which discusses the methods used for rendering (and possibly some source links -- although I haven't followed the thread that closely) is here:

Check that out if you're interested in putting in a TV filter in your emu -- as it's likely the best existing method -- or at least the right track to focus on.

Why anyone would want to toss out the sharp picture of a monitor and replace it with the dull, hazy picture of a TV is beyond me though. But to each his own.
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