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Default Zophar's Domain launches on Patreon

Hi, Everybody!

For years Zophar's Domain has been supported by meager and heavily fluctuating advertising revenue. This has meant that the site's development has been severely hindered. From time to time I have free time and I get enthusiastic and develop some new feature or work on a section of the site fixing bugs, but inevitably enthusiasm runs out and the site or new feature gets abandoned for a year. Or two.

I think its time to start taking things more seriously.

Zophar's Domain would like to launch a donation drive in order to
  • Remove advertising from the site (yes, no ads, if I'm able to cover server costs!)
  • Ensure funding for future development so the site doesn't just disappear off the internet one day

Even as an archive, Zophar's Domain needs to be worked on. Not only does content need to be updated, but the site desperately needs a new layout, and it needs in-depth development for its separate sections, kind of the same way I have recently remodeled the new and well-received music section.

Zophar's Domain is turning 21 years old this November. Help me keep a piece of internet history alive and running!

Thank you!

To help out, visit here:
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