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Originally Posted by InVerse View Post
You can try looking on Play Asia. There are probably other sites that sell Japanese games but that's the biggest one I'm familiar with. A lot of people buy such things on eBay and Yahoo Auctions Japan.

There's also the option of buying a copier and playing the ROM on a real system.

All of Nintendo's handhelds are region-free, as far as I know. The original Gameboy definitely is and I'm sure the SP is too, seeing as how the GBC and GBA both were as well.
I don't know anything about the game in question, but I know that some of the RPG Tsukuru games had special cartridges to allow more storage, or additional plug-in carts as was the case with RPG Tsukuru on the SNES.

It takes a lot of space to store the game you make.

I'm only bringing this up because I'm not sure if a common GB flash cart will support this.

You should definitely check into the game to make sure it doesn't use any special or strange hardware before investing in a flash cart.
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