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Default Re: What do all your names mean?

my name has a noble history... ok, well, maybe not

Slicer had his debut back in elementary school for a proficiency test. the writing portion had a variety of prompts, and one of which was to make an adventure story. i made two brothers who went on a treasure hunt (i scored pretty high with that story, unfortunately since it was for a proficiency test i have no records of it)

anyways, that was both Slicer and Viniece's birthday. They have each developed in their own ways since then, but the basis for each brother has remained the same: Slicer is a joker, and Viniece is a thinker.

for some odd reason, i've always thought of Slicer as the more entertaining brother even though i probably would relate more to Viniece, so when i started going online i used Slicer as my primary online alias, and have been doing so ever since.

Slicer's full name is Slicer Steele Vinesley, thus the S. V.

interesting enough, my sig is about a novel WIP of mine which has Slicer and Viniece as the main characters, still brothers, still joker and thinker. They now have a sister as well, brand new to the latest incarnation of the brothers. her name is Yulanaia Rudai Vinesley, and she dies in the opening scenes of the story, but plays a role throughout... the brothers are heavily affected by their sister

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