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Talking That worked

Okay, so now I've got the font available. I'm guessing, since I don't see any digraphs, that they're definitely in the code, and thus much easier for me to mess around with once I find them.

As far as text versus graphics... are you indicating that, once I find a graphics (level) editor capable of letting me switch the graphics displayed in a given area, the task itself is no more complex than switching which letters are displayed, which I am already doing pretty easily?

As far as my table: Turns out several codes just make blocks (the block present in the font table), while a few seem to be control codes (close the window immediately, without letting me read it). But I'm finishing it up. Once I'm done, is there a place I could submit it here, in case it would be useful for others (obscure as the game may be)?

Oh, and apparently there are two distinct tables at work in this game. One for the chat text, for when you talk to people; the other for some other readable sections I've found in the code. The chat text has smalls starting at 61, caps at 81; the other had 41 (caps only... I think). Trying to put the 41-area letters into the chat codes makes blocks, punctuation, anything but letters. So I redid that area of my table.

I think I've hit on part of the table for the copyright announcement at the beginning of the game, using the 8x8 font. Not sure yet. But it's interesting.

Okay, just tried to attach a picture here... not sure how that works yet. But anyway, it's a pic of the font. And there's significant space here between the caps and the smalls, and between the 16x8 and the 8x8. Is it possible to add extra letters or symbols to this area without messing things up? How do I tell the distinction between "place I can draw" and "place I shouldn't draw" - the boundaries of the font-definition area? (I assume that once I have drawn things, I should just use the codes I've identified as "space" to see which one creates which space.)
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