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I found the font, but you won't be able to get to it in Tile Layer Pro, as it is stored in 1bpp Linear, which TLP doesn't support. (TLP uses 1bpp Planar, which is different. I don't know enough about the technicalities of graphics formats to actually know what that difference is, however.)

In Tile Molester (written by the same author as TLP) open up the ROM and under the View menu, select the '1bpp Linear' codec. Now hit Ctrl-G, enter 3307C as the offset and click OK. You'll see a 16x8 font and some icons. Hit Page Down and you'll see the 8x8 font.

The bit in red says "The End". Futzing around with it in Tile Molester, I can almost get the graphic completely in order. By setting Tile Molester to a Block Size of 16x3, you can clearly see that that particular graphic says The End.

I would guess that your assumptions about what you have circled in blue & yellow are correct. As for the other graphics.... It is possible that the graphical data for the maps is uncompressed while the rest of the graphics are compressed. Since you're only looking to do a translation hack (I think) then that hopefully won't be a problem. (The only time it would is if there are some signs or other graphics with text on them.)

Also, just a random note... Keep in mind that the font really is nothing more than graphics. Unlike on a web page, where text and graphics are completely separate things, in a ROM, they're identical. We just treat the text differently because that's how we're used to doing things. But a hex editor displaying the text from a ROM utilizing a table is really no different than a level editor displaying the map of a ROM.
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