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If you're just seeing green pixels on a black background, it's because you're in 1BPP mode. Genesis ROMs use .bin for their extension, but .bin is a generic format, so Tile Layer Pro doesn't recognize it as a Genesis ROM. Under Format in the View menu, select Genesis and then scroll down 25% or so and you'll see things that are obviously graphics. I didn't, however, see a font. I quickly glanced through it in 1BPP mode and a few others but still didn't locate a font, though I wasn't looking too terribly closely, so it's possible that I missed it. Hell, I haven't even played the game, so I don't even know if the font is 8x8, 8x16, 16x16 or some other strange format.

Just for the hell of it, I ran the ROM through Nemesis Search and it didn't detect any common compression algorithms.

Also, just for information's sake: I have 2 different versions of the ROM. One is specified as 1992 and the other is specified as 1993 [!]. (The [!] signifies that a ROM is a verified good dump (meaning somebody redumped it and compared it to the existing ROM and they were identical.)) So I would recommend using the 1993 [!] version. It probably won't make a difference as far as hacking goes, but the 1993 version most likely has some bug fixes and the like that may not be present in the 1992 version, and it's possibly that a patch made for one version may not work on the other version, so whichever version you use, if you complete your hack, make sure to specify the correct version in your documentation.

Also, I should have mentioned earlier, if you're using a .smd instead of a .bin ROM, you need to convert it to .bin, though I'm pretty sure if you were using a .smd (interleaved) ROM, you wouldn't have made as much progress as you already have.
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