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Default Re: Ban people that break the rules

> At least keep her out of the backroom. She never
> contributes to the convos, she just looks to start up
> trouble.

That's why they call it the backroom.

Personally, I don't think posting posts that are asking for flames in return should be a bannable offense. Hell, Danoz would have to worry every time he posts in the backroom (though his posts aren't usually bad "Bush is thje second coming of Jesus" posts yet, lol).

Above all, if you are REALLY peaved about how she posts, don't dignify her posts with your attention! Heck, I'm sure you probably think she does it to get attention...why would you be fulfilling her goal? That's what always annoyed me about people that were always on Brad's ass after every single off-topic post he got to the point where they would become just as off-topic as Brad in effort to make fun of him and it got old.

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