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Originally Posted by Lillymon View Post
The end result is that whichever browser you're with, you're likely to see further JavaScript speed improvements in the future.
On a related note, being both an Opera and Facebook user, I had hoped Opera 10 alpha would be less sluggish in running Facebook's new scripts (the Opera people said on a support forum that they were looking into that), but Opera 10a and Facebook still don't seem to get along well. (Something is likely screwy with how Facebook's scripts are written. I almost never have trouble in Opera with any other JS-heavy sites.)

Btw, it's interesting how much attention is given to Acid3 compared to other tests: It's surely not accidental that Opera 10a doesn't do enormously better than Opera 9 on a test like the Canvas test suite (I just compared Opera 9.63 win32 build 10476 to Opera 10.00a win32 build 1139 and saw an improvement from 72.8% to 74.1%), but low and behold 10a manages to pass with 100/100 on Acid3.
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