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Exclamation Welcome back, ZD! And a question...

Greetings, everyone.

I just wanted to say how extremely proud I am of the reopening of Zophar's Domain. The layout is extremely clean, and everything is very easy to find. Reminds me of how it was when I first opened this site 12 years ago... But I digress...

I do have a question. I have recently been dabbling in emulation for the Wii. I've been very out of the loop and so I know this will be old news for most, but the incredible level of accuracy of Genesis, SNES, TG-16, NES emulation... and so much more is just amazing to me. And all that is needed is an SD card and a hacked save of "Twilight Princess" for Wii. I still remember trying to get a hacked version of "The_Brain's" VSMC SNES emulator because Super Mario World played with a yellow-green gameboy-like pallette with no sound. So that I could play it on my old Cyrix 6x86 P133+ with crackly sound at 8 FPS. Hehehehe...

But my question is: has anyone played around with TG16 CD emulation on the Wii? I've gotten Might and Magic III - Isles of Terra working on Hu-Go! for the Wii, with garbled graphics and no sound. Wanted to see if other people had similar luck. It looks very promising. Can't wait for the Genesis emulator to receive a Sega CD update (obviously we all know how much I loved Sega CD... Lunar 2.... look what I named the site!) Ahh, the memories...

Now I remember why I love/loved this stuff so much. Waiting weeks on end so that an emulator would update and run 1 frame per second faster, and maybe it would crash further into the game this time. Hah! So, as I love nostalgia, I leave you with the following chatlog from #zopharsdomain, circa 1998. I was updating the SPC archive and the topic of VSMC came up while discussing SNES emulation:

*** Retrieving #ZopharsDomain info...
*** Zophar changes topic to 'SPC Archive updated: now over 2000 SPCs @'
*** seaweed sets mode: +o XiP
<Ap0calypz> well yeah
<Infe> heh does the V8 mode in zsnes still work
<XiP> try it in does mode
<Ap0calypz> V8?
<Zophar> yeah infe
<Zophar> -v8 still works
<Ap0calypz> what's the difference?
<Zophar> haw, i asked zsknight to put that in like almost a year ago
<Ap0calypz> between win and dos?
<Infe> try it you'll see
<Zophar> ap0calypz:it's an easter egg treat
<Zophar> it don't matter if you try in win or dos
<Infe> well some things crash in dos but not windows and vice
<Infe> cuz of different memory protection or something
<Ap0calypz> what is -v8?
<XiP> just try it
<Ap0calypz> I did
<Ap0calypz> nothing happened
<Ap0calypz> now I see it
<Ap0calypz> it's all green =)
<Ap0calypz> reminds me of the yellow palette in VSMC
<Zophar> yeah haw
<Ap0calypz> chrono trigger looks funky
*** Shamanix ( has joined #zopharsdomain
*** Shamanix ( has left
<Ap0calypz> gotta tell them to do -vsmc for the yellow palette
<Ap0calypz> that'd rock
<Infe> -pisspallette
<Infe> you know though it would be cool if you could specify like one of 16 different colors or something to make a piss pallette out of, like all blue all red
<Infe> it might let you make some neat screen pics
<Ap0calypz> yeah
<Ap0calypz> it's spelled palette
<Infe> but i guess, you could just take a pic and modify it with some painting program and get the same thing
*** Disconnected
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