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Let's see... the 98SE is an AMD K6, it has 64MB of RAM, and I think I have 16MB set for video since it's integrated. The XP Home is 2.4 GHz Celeron, 504MB of RAM, and 8MB for the integrated vid.

I've used the glN64 0.4.1 Jado Direct3D 6 though 8 and tried a few Glide ones, but they don't work on those systems.

Anyway, my goal is a simple one, I want to find the fastest config for online play and for my 98. I started out by downloading PJ64k, 1964, and Mupen64. Mupen64 didn't run on the 98. I tried all of the plugins that came with the other 2, configured them as best I could. Rice Video 5.2 was easily the fastest, but was having a lot of issues, so I downloaded what I thought was the most recent one, I've seen 1.4 since then, but haven't download it yet.

Now the config, I'm trying to use the same for both, and I figure with integrated, it shouldn't be a huge issue. I didn't include the GL settings since I don't use them, and I have the ROM settings, but since it only allows 5 attachments at a time, I'll just hold it unless it's requested.

There are a few differences from these and the 98 though.
SSE can't be enabled, I think I have fog off, Windowed Res is 320 x 240, and a few other things are greyed out.

Oh, and I did have a funky problem on my 98 last night, pressing any key on my keyboard and moving mouse would make the computer click like a ton of keys were being pressed at once, Number Lock and such couldn't be changed, but I was able to control the game fine. I was using N-Rages DI8 1.61 for input. This has only happened once, and hasn't happened since, so it could just be on my end.
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