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Default Re: Gamecube Music?

> First was PSF, then USF, then GSF. What's next? Maybe the
> next sound format should be the Gamecube Sound Format (call
> it GCM). Is there any chance in the future to make that kind
> of format?

From what I understand, the 'Cube's sound hardware isn't nearly as well understood as say...PS2, or the DreamCast's (keep in mind there's been a big homebrew community for the DC for years). For this to happen somebody'd have to figure out the MusyX hardware, then actually have the means to dump a GCN disk, which seems like a pain in the ass the way it's done (although there IS a DC format and in a way GCN discs aren't so dissimilar to rip, so I'd think this isn't out of the question).

Basically I'd guess this wouldn't happen any time soon, and while that would be awesome, I'm definitely happy with the current progress being made on all these PSF formats. Basically, there's so many that I think everyone deserves a break. :P

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