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Default Re: Gamecube Music?

> D'OH!! But still there shoulkd be a sound format for
> Gamecube.

Well, get started developing one then. Chop chop!

As far as I've seen, GCN is just like PS2 (hell, and any other console, really) in that there's no generic sound format that's used 100% of the time. For example, Phantasy Star Online uses ADX, a streamed format that's found in many Dreamcast and PS2 games. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles uses the WD/BGM sequence format that's found in most of Square-Enix's PS2 games. There are probably tons of other custom drivers used in other games.

It's a given that the ideal situation would have a sound format for every game console imaginable available. Until then, keep your damned pants on and be patient, and unless you can directly contribute, keep your yap shut.

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