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Default Re: MAME users - I need a keyboard.cfg file

> Given the fact that there was a massive overhaul in the way
> input works... yes, yes there is. Delete your current
> mame.ini and then recreate it with mame -cc.

I deleted it and it's still a no go after doing that command. Are there any other config files I might need to check into? I have even tried extracting mame to a separate folder and that's still a no go.

Here are some lines copied from my MAME.ini file which I'm thinkign are suspect

<font face="fixedsys">
### Input device options ###
mouse 0
joystick 0
lightgun 0
dual_lightgun 0
offscreen_reload 0
steadykey 0
keyboard_leds 1
led_mode ps/2
a2d_deadzone 0.300000
<u># ctrlr <NULL> (not set)</u>
paddle_device keyboard
adstick_device keyboard
pedal_device keyboard
dial_device keyboard
trackball_device keyboard
lightgun_device keyboard
digital none

What should I do? Also: I appreciate your help up to this point. Don't think I don't <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif>

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