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Default Re: Can you see a vampire through a one way mirror?

> You are aware that when the DS Lite comes out in the U.S.,
> the regular DS will be available for something like $70; and
> I've seen Dawn of Sorrow used for $21.

So you propose I spend $100 + price of batteries for a single game? No thanks. There's not a video game on the planet worth that much money.

> I think that you just don't want to pay for it,

Well duh. That's pretty much what I said before: "because I'm sure as hell not buying the game." If the game and system were free... then of course I'd get them. So obviously I'm just not willing to pay for it.

> and you're willing to wait 4 years to play it free instead of paying
> money now.

Yep. Welcome to the wonderful world of emulation. I didn't play Aria of Sorrow until it was emulated either. Or Circle of the Moon. Or Symphony of the Night.

Like I said... the game will be just as much fun 2 or 4 or however many years from now as it would be if I played it today. If waiting means saving $100, then it looks like I'm going to wait.

> None of these are as satisfactory as using the
> hardware it was DESIGNED for.

Did I ever say it would be? I'm sure using the mouse will be good enough for me. Does that mean it'll be as zomg awesome as the actual system? Of course not. Does that make the game+system worth $100 to me? Hell no.

> I think that is just sleazy,

Then I guess I'm sleazy. I'm a dirty pirate. That's why I frequent these emulation (read: piracy) message boards.

> like someone I know who
> downloaded a movie over a month instead of paying $10.

I can understand that. A dollar is worth a lot more to some people than you think. My income is very low and I'm not willing to throw away $100 on a whim on something I KNOW will be free a bit further down the road. So I'll wait for the price to come down some more -- until it's at $0. Because that's how much this paticular game is worth to me. $0. I'd rather not play it at all than pay money for it.... as I alluded to before: "And if it can't be emulated, I guess I'm just SOL"

> Wait until the perfect opportunity arises,

You mean the perfect opportunity like it being available for free on the internet with a functioning emulator? That IS what I'm waiting for.

> What don't you like about handhelds anyway?

They're too small. They're awkward for me to use and the screen is tiny. They hurt my neck after using them for more than 30 minutes. I prefer to be able to sit in a chair and look straight forward at a nice, big, easy to see monitor rather than sit crouched over and squint.

Yeah the size is nice for portability -- but I don't give a shit about portable video games -- so handhelds are useless to me.

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