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Default Let's have a Purist Party!

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A: I never said it MUST be changed to Secret of Mana 2. I made an SD3 one too because I knew there'd be name-change angst. I was trying to be nice and accomodating, I wasn't trying to rock your world or 'upset the balence,' some other dude said "Well blah blah, black looks crappy on white clouds" PSD's can be re-colored!

B: Okay yeah, 3 in the title, 3 kingdoms, 3 in the party... yeah.
Is there a hidden numerological significance or something?
If so then I guess there shoulda been a 3 in SoM 1.
If I remember correctly, SoM also had 3 in its party.

C: As if translating a game that was once japanese and playing it 'illegally' doesn't piss off Squaresoft as well? Isn't that why there's all those warning screens on arcade roms which say "If you are using this game outside of japan, you are commiting a crime and will go to jail" or some lame scare-tactic bullcrap?

D: Why would Square, after 10 years, decide to make and sell a Secret of Mana 2 when they're already busy working on Children of Mana for the DS? What are they gunna do, make SoM2 for the GBA or something? They've already ditched "Secret" in all further related titles but they kept "[insert word] of Mana"

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Omigardz! That translator calls it SoM2!
You better go hang that dumb dirty gaijin!
I'm terribly sorry that I grew up in America,
where Bishôjo Senshi Serâmûn is "Sailor Moon."

> But the actual Japanese name of the game is SD3, so why not go with that?
>Furthermore, renaming it SoM2 might piss off Square in the case that they
>wanted to further confuse people and use that name for another game in the future, hehe.

And to Audigy, wtf is ass-burgers? Maybe I posted here, thinking some nice emu-Jesus would say "Sure, little boy; I'll help you." but instead I got a bunch of stuck up unwavering purists screaming about numerology and "Do it yourself, and if you do we'll just tell you how stupid and ugly your screen is anyway, f4gz0rz!"

>>Do you have Asperger's Syndrome or something? Geez.
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