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Default Re: How & WHY would I STEAL it? >.<

> B: I can't hack roms! I'm not
> God, you guys are. So when ya want something that's beyond
> the capability of mere humans, ya pray to God and HOPE a
> miracle happens (which they never do, you just get disasters
> instead)

Look this is seriously such a minor consideration that it doesn't even warrant all this talking about. It's the damn title screen. I'm not saying your title screen doesn't look cool, it does, but its just not going to jump out and impress someone unless it's in the game already, and even then, it's still just a neat little thing. No one really asked for a new title screen for SD3 that I know of, most have been loving the translation in all its "Seiken Densetsu 3 as the title" glory as it was released pretty much (although someone's free to disagree with me if they feel like it) . If you want a literal translation of the game's title I do believe it is Legend of the Holy Sword 3, and Secret of Mana is Legend of the Holy Sword 2, so we could go back and change SoM's title screen to say that, and then, why not, go back and change Final Fantasy Adventure's title to Legend of the Holy Sword. I mean, everything already got fucked up by Square when they tried to cash in on the Final Fantasy name instead with the North American market with the first one. Or maybe the word Holy didn't fly with Nintendo's tightass censors. I mean we could make arguments with varying amounts of absurdity that SD3 could have been called any of a number of names in North America:

Secret of Mana 2
Legend of the Holy Sword 3
Final Fantasy Adventure 3 (ew)
Final Fantasy Adventure 2 (Ahhhhh!)

But the actual Japanese name of the game is SD3, so why not go with that? Furthermore, renaming the Secret of Mana 2 might piss off Square in the case that they wanted to further confuse people and use that name for another game in the future, hehe.

I think I'm making this post against my better judgement.
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