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Default To Dark Knight Kain - Yay! I think...

I'd thought about transplanting the german screen into the english rom, but I don't know rom-hacking, period. I would've tried making a title design with Neil's font, but I can't find a ".ttf" of that anywhere, so I did "avatar.ttf" instead and I thought it looked snazzy. Hey! --> I <-- still play emu's, I'll be playing them in a nursing home when I'm old and gray. So... umm... uhh... ^_^; *shuffles feet* Would you really be that nice?[at]
<img src=> <img src=>
So how about it, wanna make a stupid fox happy? ^.^
I have Photoshop files, so background can be removed.
Text color can also be changed, it doesn't matter to me.
I just thought black-ish gray fit well against white clouds.

> I was actually thinking about ripping that titlescreen and
> putting it in the English ROM for a friend. He hates the
> name Seiken Densetsu 3, so I decided to do him a favor.
> Never got around to it though, and he doesn't even play
> games on emulators anymore.
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