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I'm doubting the motherboard is at fault.

Reset the BIOS/CMOS to it's defaults.

Upgrade the BIOS to the latest Revision.

Disconnect all input devices (scanners, mice, keyboards) and boot the computer. It'll still bitch about it missing, then install a USB mouse once booted to shut the system down. Or just hit the button... I reccomend the mouse though.

Blow all the dust out of the empty ports on the rear of the board, and on the board itself (DO NOT USE A VACUUM. Use compressed air.)

If all else fails, pull the board out, set it on a NONCONDUCTIVE surface, install the most basic components (Video card, ram, CPU, keyboard, mouse, hard drive) and boot to see if that solves the problem. If it doesn't recognize the keyboard STILL, I'll suspect the board then.

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