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Originally Posted by DavisIslandslim View Post
I've seen some cinematics: Dragon Warrior has one in the beginning, FF2j somewhat.
I meant that I don't recall ever seeing anyone hack such a thing into a ROM.

As for adding, I read somewhere there are 16 memory areas or something and FF1 uses 14 of them? Not sure what that means...
I don't know the specifics regarding Final Fantasy, as I abhor the series, but you have to remember that there are two different sections, RAM and ROM. Just because a game has free space in one area doesn't mean it will in the other. You can't simply tack more space onto the end of a ROM file and be able to use it, you'll have to re-engineer the ROM, most likely changing the mapper, which isn't a simple task.

Another question though: If I went ahead and made a nes game from scratch, would it be possible to learn how to make a game by romhacking? Like, if someone had the basics down, could they romhack SMB1, study that somehow, and then make a replica of SMB1?
While I suppose that would be possible, I wouldn't recommend it. For instance, Super Mario Bros has notoriously buggy code. There is an entire scene of people who create NES games from scratch. You can find many of them at NESdev if you really want to learn to code for the NES.

But if you're wanting to appeal to the widest possible audience, I would recommend against bothering with emulation at all. Top notch brand new NES games probably get played by about 1/100th as many people as a mediocre Windows game. The only reason to bother coding for the NES is if you have such a deep love of the system that the highlight of the project will be seeing it run on an NES, whether anybody else plays it or not.
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