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Default N00b inquiry about rom hacking

Hey guys...

I've never hacked a rom before, the most programming I've done is ZZT

About a year ago I got an idea or a WW1 rpg and got excited, but after spending last year writing out this game I was told that Xbox Live Arcade was not as welcoming as I anticipated. While I can see a lot of people potentially liking this game idea, I was willing to put it on there for free...which let me tell you Microsoft was ALL about that idea.

Anywiz, I can maybe come back to that route later on if I want. The next option I came upon was all those RPG maker websites with the anime fantasy focus. Which I won't knock, but it's not what I want this game to look like. Plus it's kind of difficult to go to each of them and ask "hey guy can I get your rpg maker thing to do this or this or this"

So rom hacking is next. My goal right now was basically just to start with Final Fantasy 1 and 'double' it in content, I think. "Sigh...idiot." Yeah, I know.

Here's basically what I want to do:
- Change graphics, overworld, sprites, etc
- Instead of walking around and entering battles, the dynamic of the game will be having the characters walk around and be able to control machines. So for example, you are remote controlling some machine that can roll around and shoot people. Within the normal walking around environment not going to a separate battle screen thing
- Reading about nes music programming frightened me a little...I dont know if this makes it easier or harder but I was planning on maybe taking FF2 and FF3 songs and putting them in the FF1 rom (or switching those around if that makes anything easier, probably not).
- Learn how to add cinematics (if none were there before) to a rom
- Find out how much can be added to a rom before things go awry

I would like to learn about rom hacking for its own sake, but I don't want to spend a month trying to go one way only to have 'start over' with the game because of limitations I unknowingly chose. So, can anyone recommend a particular course of action for something like this that will more probably get me where i want to be? NES hacking vs SNES hacking? Will doing one make one of the bullets above go from taking maybe half a year to 3-4 years? lol

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