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Default Re: sega cd .iso isues

> i use padus disk juggler to burn the ,iso
> but same problem. when i used it to copy my working designs
> collection it works fine. i know the problem is that i am
> burning the .iso but not the mp3 parts but i dint know how
> to add them in.

> p.s. i am rather hack illiterate and have almost no
> experience with disk burning. any and all help is welcome.

usually the trouble lies in needing a cue file to tell your burning program how to burn the mp3s into audio tracks using set time parameters.

once you have a proper cue file, if you burn it to a CD using the right settings, the disc will work with audio.

also you can attempt mounting a cue file with something like daemon tools which may or may not work for playing the audio (i.e. you might have to convert the mp3s to WAV first)

good luck! go search for cues, or just read up on them in general.
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