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Default Re: VBA Sound Trouble

> ...or it could be gremlins. I think Gremlins are
> what is preventing VBA from running full speed for me. :P

I'm betting on gremlins, too, myself. =P It could be that VBA doesn't run in OpenGL as well as most things do, too, yeah, haha. Another interesting thing is that, if I turn the sound off in VBA, like if I want to listen to other music instead, I actually have to run it in OpenGL to keep it from running at OVER full speed. Not that I mind, though, 'cause the problem doesn't seem to be the speed in the first place, so I can have the better render mode with no problems. I'm going to try downloading new video card drivers this weekend (when I will have access to a better connection), at any rate, and even if that doesn't fix my problem, hey, new drivers!
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