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Default Re: Beggar Prince Translation

> that was wraith. I was the one who bought bloody bride. :P

Well ... either way, pass the message I guess.

I don't know if there's a way to actually bootleg that game yet. All existing bootlegs break as soon as you update the EXE to 1.04 (which the translation requires). Maybe Alcohol will handle it if you mount the CD since it's Starforce 2.0. With Starforce 3.0 games like Fantasia Sanguo, Heroine Anthem II or Legend of the Swordsman & Fairy II you actually need to unhook all your IDE CD-ROM devices manually (even shutting them off in the BIOS won't work), othewise it ignores your emulated CD device.

That reminds me, I need to install Heroine Anthem II again later. I'm curious if it will be possible to pull off this trick on my laptop since I don't even have an IDE CD-ROM device, my entire drive just pulls out the side of the machine. I'd love to be able to play it off my hard disk because I hate how much wear it puts on both my drive and key disc to always need it in the drive.

A manner of removing protection from a Starforce EXE has yet to be found. Thousands of Chinese pirates still haven't found a way aside from stupid things you have to do to your machine to eek by with CD emulation.
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