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Originally Posted by Maximum Potion View Post
The way I see it, red should be a challenge based on what level your pokémon should be by the time they get to him, wothout training endlessly like a noob. Just see what level you're at by the time you reach him by playing through the game, fighting most of the trainers and the wild encounters you run into on your path. Then, say by then you're lvl 80, make his guys like 90 or something... In my silver hack i'm testing, I gave him 89-98 pokémon, some legendary pokémon, and I pretty much left all of johto's lvls the same, but I toughened up kanto so you could climb to the right level through playing through the game, and not by power leveling.
I thought that Red's Pokémons' stats were based on your (the player's) Pokémons' stats, right? They're within 5-7 levels or so, anyway (I think). It's been forever since I last played that game.
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