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I own both a SD2SNES as well as a UFO pro 8. SD2SNES works with ease but requires a setup bios. Many on the net do not work and the devloper nolonger provides the files. Good luck obtaning them. SD2SNES can run most everything excluding FX though can run MSU 1 aka movie or music CD quality

The UFO 8 has a bad wrap because even though it is more plug and play a takes unexpected technicalities to special chip games to work. Many reviews state they do not work and state the device is falsly advertised. This is not true it does run FX and FX2 along with every special chip excluding MSU 1. This device is more compatible then the SD2SNES but you need to learn how to expand roms as well as match roms with special chip carts and even be sure to know if you have a header on your rom or not. Also the UFO Adds ram thus laggy games drop their lag. Ok the SD2SNES can as well but runs games without expanding them so most people have no idea about it untill there forced to do so with the UFO as I was.

Both devices are better then emulation and remove lag if you expand your roms, all of which play accuratly on a real Snes. Need more info on the UFO on expanding roms and headers and special chips just ask. Perhaps I will make a youtube video as no one elae touches on this info.
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