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Originally Posted by schmocke View Post
That issues sound really weird. I have no idea, except setting up your girlfriendīs PC from scratch and then try Gens. But I guess, thatīs not an option.
Perhaps, you should try to play with the drawing and filtering options - DirectDraw or OpenGL etc. or does Gens crash without loading a rom too?
On the other hand - simply use [URL=""]Kega Fusion[/URL]. As far as I know, it has itīs own Netplay Support build in. I think, that should be easier to setup, than fixing Gens in this case.
Good luck.
I didn't think to try the filters. I'll have to try that.

As for Kega, we can't get netplay to work on it. It just never connects for some reason, even though neither of us are behind a firewall and disable anti-virus when we try.

And actually, the computer had been formatted and gotten a fresh install not but a few months ago, to solve another issue. Could be that the computer is just getting old, but that doesn't explain why her even older computer can run Gens (Though quite slow and laggy.).

I'm not sure if it's a sound issue as much as it's probably a conflict somewhere. At least, that's my best guess, but I'm not an expert.

Filters didn't work.
I wanted to try out full-screen, but there's no "go full-screen upon load" feature, so I guess it wouldn't make a difference.
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