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Your processor has absolutely nothing to do with how quickly the Internet works unless your computer is 20 years old.

What service you pay for and what service you get are completely different things. Recent studies have shown that the average user gets far less service than they're actually paying for. There's also the matter of there being 50,000 different factors that could be effecting the connection.

But if you think YouTube is purposely slowing down the connection, you're an idiot. If that were the case, the entire Internet would be blown up with complaints. If anything is intentionally throttling the connection it's going to be your ISP but I wouldn't be at all surprised if your network wasn't just completely misconfigured.

Fun Fact: If Net Neutrality gets shut down, as it appears it's going to be, your ISP will legally be able to slow down or block altogether any site that doesn't pay them to prevent it from happening.
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