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Well, I have no degree, just a finished apprenticeship where I earned around 500$ per month. It's been a tough start, but I climbed up the career ladder pretty fast. Now I have my first own employee.

The most important thing is not where you start, but to start at all.
After study or apprenticeship look for a job in your industry.
Stay at this job at least for a year or two. Work and learn, gain experience. Then change the company if you want to rise. It's okay to demand some more money in the next job. Level up again for about 1-2 years. Apply for a higher ranked job. Repeat.

Oh something you should keep in mind: always take companies with good customers. These are your future references! Never complain about too much work or hard tasks. The tougher the projects you survive the more experience you get.

Doesn't that remind you of a game? Yes! It is! Some kind of a game. Level up get all items and beat the bosses.

The better the degree the higher the start income. Nothing more nothing less.
In the end people don't look at the degree anymore when they are shocked by your outstanding references, used technologies, leadership experience, connections in the industry etc....

Today companies try to hire me. But most of the time I have to reject them, because I'm already booked for a project.

Certificates are a nice plus to gain the superiority over comparable competitors for the same job. So if you are not in a outstanding position it's definitely making the difference.

If you are clever you get the certificates paid by your first employers.
Otherwise they might be very expensive, so you have to calculate whether it's worth the try.

Oh yes! Keep up good relations to your former companies. You'll never know when you will need them again. Maybe you come back as a high paid specialist for some mission critical tasks.
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