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Originally Posted by Umiliphus View Post
Oh, I didn't realize it was a joke game. That changes everything.
Originally Posted by kone191 View Post
When I began playing I was just truly a noob. I died many times in every room. The game is made just to be so hard that you can't finish any room in the game with first try. It may take about 10-50 tries before you make it.
And you maybe need to finish also next room without next save point so that makes the game very difficult.
I think that you can beat the whole game with some practice. Many people can if they don't quit playing.
But why would they want to?
I didn't get the impression there was anything special to look forward to, other than cramps from reaching for R -why bother offering customizable controls and joystick-gamepad support if everybody has to press the same totally arbitrary key to continue?- and endless repetitions of the most obnoxious "game over" sound I've ever heard. For something which is going to be so constant, it should be more subtle, or totally silent.

Even that awful Super Metroid hack let me think I had a chance before referring me to some masochist's video clip. And those are pleasantly zany, but yikes, where does anybody find the time to memorize all that?

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