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The way my friend got out of the army, was while he was in boot camp, he just totally went off on his Sargeant; he called him an asshole and just basically went on screaming at him. After that he was detained and had four Sergeants just totally berating him, and he was just like "You're an asshole, you're all assholes. Fuck you all, you're assholes." they continued yelling at him until he said "You're unpatriotic!" at which point they all fell silent, and then they locked him in a room for a week where he was fed only fruit, thus giving him extremely bad diarrhea to the point where he couldn't sleep. When all was said and done, they let him leave. Although I'm sure he could have been dishonorably discharged, they didn't do it. He even got paid a couple grand for his time, the conniving bastard...hehe.
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