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Originally Posted by Rattlehead View Post
I'd agree with you on the image board if we made the content posted "emulation-related" only.

The backroom O_o? Sorry, I'm clueless.

And with that, I'm off to bed.
The backroom is the name that was given to ZMD's controversial discussion area. It was implemented to segregate political and religious topics that had a tendency to appear in TotT to the chagrin of the more PC members of ZMD. Similarly, Diaries was created to segregate "personal life" posts that some users felt were "whiny".

And just as an aside, "Talk of the Town" is General Chat. It was actually the "Off Topic" area of ZMD. If you've had some creep over the years, it's probably because the purpose of each forum has been forgotten or ignored.

I'd second lillymon's suggestion. There's probably not a need to expand the categories yet, and I certainly wouldn't contract the board hierarchy with the current relaunch unless you're willing to tolerate the problems that caused the initial creation of those boards. I mean, there's nothing sacred about the forum layout, but it's wasn't broken. It would be best to allow some time to reassess any demand-necessitated structure changes.
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