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Default Re: VisualBoyAdvance sound

> Any idea how to rip sounds from Zelda?

Play the game in ZSNES... disable individual sound channels with F6-F12 (I think... it's been a while). Have a recording app in the background which records all output coming from your PC (be sure to mute mic input). If you don't have that option... plug a cord to connect both your mic in line and speaker out line and record that way (although I haven't tried doing this... might have odd results).

Anyway... figure out which sound channels are used by the sound effect and leave those on... but disable all the channels used by the music (and not used by the sound effect). Trigger the sound effect and record it in your recording app.

Then use a wave editor to crop and clean up the sound.

It sounds like a lot of work, but once you have a system down it's real easy. I did it back in the day to rip sound effects for my FF1-pseudoclone.

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