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Originally Posted by pipes View Post
How does one go about finding a job? I stay at shitty jobs for years too long to know. What is your strategy? Why is careerbuilder, and the like, a joke? Fuck staffing agencies.
Finding a job in this economy is BRUTAL. Mostly because HR-folks are very risk-averse with candidates these days. If you haven't done such-and-such a job before, they won't hire you.


The best way to succeed in job searching is to really know who you want to work for. If you know which companies will suit your skill-set and personality the best, it'll make your life a lot easier.

So first off, you'll begin to create a personal brand. Figure out who YOU are, and what skills/personality you can bring to an employer. It's like you're a product on a store shelf. Can your skills and personality fit the employer's need? If so, they'll think about buying (hiring) you.

The resume becomes one of the three key parts of personal branding. It's basically the "first-look" an employer gets of you, kind of like the box of a shiny new toy. If the description of you fits what they want, they'll move onto the product review (i.e. the cover letter).

The cover letter is nothing more than a explanation of how your skills EXACTLY fit the job you're applying to. It doesn't (and shouldn't be too long). My best cover letters are heavily bullet-ed, and are about 3/4 of a page long (maybe less). They more or less focus on achievements, and how your abilities make a company money. It's all a dog-and-pony show. HR people are extremely afraid of making a bad hiring choice, so the less risky you seem, the better.

The final part of your branding is in the interview phase. People want to work with people who are affable and non-threatening. Look professional, be extremely courteous, and show how un-risky it is to hire you. Interviews are big "When in Rome' situations. However people are acting, imitate it. They want to hire someone who will be an easy fit. Be sure to have a conversation with your interviewer, and don't just recite your resume. If the interviewer begins to like you, you're already 90% of the way to being hired.

These are some things I've picked up in my job searches, and I hope it helps!
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