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Default Re: I'm still here, in the background.

> Perhaps we should stop sugar-coating things and throwing
> daisies on it and take a look at the front page. ZD was
> almost 'unplugged,' and is now an archive of what once was.

That works. I guess my point is that it really doesn't matter what you, I or anyone says about what happened to the site or anything like that.

The fact is that there are many people like me that really want this site to, once again, be THE place to go for emulation-anything and there are people like you that want the same thing but have the knowhow to actually make it happen. Unfortunately, there are far fewer people like you than there are people like me.

I'm not sure what my point is but I do wish you luck and if I can help in any way, please let me know. <img src=smilies/thumb.gif>
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