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Default Re: Salvia - Hold onto your ass

] In reply to:if you don't want to do drugs then don't, but
] it's kinda lame to look down on people who do, and probably
] not without arrogance.

] Drugs DO get in the way of your life. Stop trying to make it
] sound like you can be a drug user and still have a grip on
] things.

honestly, that's kinda ridiculous. It's like saying you can't gamble without having a grip on the world.

] It's the product of apathy, not of control. It leads
] to addiction, health problems, a diverse array of shit that
] isn't worth the risk for nothing more than a fix or a buzz.

alcohol isn't that ba.. oh wait, i forgot, you said "drugs", not "alochol". It's funny because they're exactly the same.

] It's expensive, I've SEEN it destroy lives and
] relationships. It's not arrogance, it's intelligence. You
] can call it what you will, and as always, you can do what
] you want.

fantastic, so have i. I've never seen, but, as i'm sure doubltess other's have, heard stories of gambling, sex addiction, and countless other things destroying lives.

] Hell, this is message board, I responded to a post with my
] opinion. If you guys are right, why get so defensive? To
] whom are you directing your justification? Me? Or you.

i think you misunderstood my post, maybe it was this remark that threw you off, "you're all retarded and wrong." i was referring to both sides for getting overly defensive on the subject of drugs itself. i wasn't trying to justify anything for either side, but merely to point out that "doing" or "not doing" drugs doesn't make either better or worse just in the same way that "drinking" or "not drinking" makes you better or worse.

it's like there is some sort of line drawn in the sand, and once you try drugs you "cross over" to the dark side of the world never to return. The whole attitude is comprable to "twinkie eaters have no self control and end up fat and disgusting and lead horrible unhappy lives". Twinkies can lead to fatness... if you don't stop eating them.

i know many who would look down on you for your drinking, any probably giving you the exact speech you just gave me. Personally i've tried salvia once, i've tried pot a few times in my life. I drink occasionally. Cigarettes are probably the only thing i can say i've ever been truly addicted to. It's very suprising to hear you speak this way about substances, especially considering your fondess for alcohol, something that has been the cause of many ruined lives.

If you don't have strong will power or self control, it's probably a bad idea to "do drugs". It's the same way that you probably shouldn't buy frequently from the hostess store if you can't controll yourself enough not to reach for that second cupcake :P

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