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Default (i think - i may not remember correctly)

I discovered ZSNES years ago. Long before Swampy owned the site. I discovered the site through another site. This site mirrored ZD almost exaclty. It even used ZD links to ZD stored downloads.. That is how i found out about ZD. I went to the source of a link. The ass was un ethically claiming all the news and ZD work as his own.

Hmm. The website URL wasnt even back then. IT was zophar.malicia (or somthing like that). At the time to, it was news when the ZD counter reached certian visitor numbers.

I initially registered with the boards but never stayed. I found them uninteresting. I visited the site for emulation news for a few years after that until sometime last year or the year before (i forgot) i registered with the message boards again

> ZSNES was at 0.400, Genecyst and NESticle were less than a
> few days from their final x.xx releaes.

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