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Originally Posted by Soushkin View Post
Very nice indeed. I'm just wondering if you guys actually tested it before release, because I'm getting "stuck" in the most weird places. I feel this hack is far from finished, so why release it already??

I'll take some screenshots of what I'm talking about, and I'm only five minutes into the game.

Everyone knows what I'm supposed to do with this block.

After I've pushed the block, I get stuck. Link can't jump over this:

Solution 1: Backflip over it.

Solution 2: Leave some space between the pushing block and the other blocks. This will allow Link to jump over the block.

Room = Fail.

Second thing where I get stuck:

Behind this wall is an iron Knuckle.

Attack the green zone to get the Iron Knuckle to attack you, and break the wall so you can pass to the next room.

Hey, Iron Knuckle, thx for breaking the wall. Since I can't fight you now, I'll just run passed you to get to the next room.

Iron Knuckle = Fail.

Once you leave the room behind the Iron Knuckle and get back to the previous room (with the Iron Knuckle) you'll get stuck behind the wall the Iron Knuckle had to break for you.

Only possible solution: Attack the Iron Knuckle, from such a close range he will kill you in just one hit. So the solution is to die. That's a great way to solve a "puzzle".
You solved those puzzles almost exactly how I designed them, except the Iron Knuckle where you are supposed to jump over using the pillar. I myself thought that the puzzles made new use of things from older versions of OoT, but I will let you decide.
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