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Default Re: new power supply

> my old power supply's fan had been dead for 3 weeks so i was
> running the machine without the cover...can you say LOUD?
> the scsi drives were making my ears bleed...
> so a friend hooked me up with a 400 watt dual fan power
> supply for $40...i was desperate.
> the second fan is on the side of the power supply, right
> next to my cpu. works awesome. the temp of the box is 91
> F....almost 10 degrees lower than with the old power supply.
> sucks the cpu's hot air right out.
> RuL

Very cool.
I'm running my entire computer setup on a 200W power supply.
I can't add any more drives, or the comp won't turn on.

PS, isn't this more of a "Tech Talk" subject than a "Diaries" topic?

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