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> Well, jeez. This is like the nth time in the past week
> someone's said something that sounded sarcastic but in fact
> wasn't. This is why I hate communicating via text.


> Anyway, I'd have helped the guy out, but by the time I
> viewed the thread, people had already suggested to rip the
> CDs into disk images anyway, which is probably the best way
> to go about it.

And if playing from ISO (or some other image) doesn't fix the problem you are having, come back and tell us whether or not the slowdown is in every game, or some specific one. Maybe the game is simply not 100% perfectly emulated.

Also, I recommend getting some sort of frontend for ePSXe, it makes running games with different settings so much easier. I hear ePSXexecutor is good, I personally use Delta.

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